Learning Jekyll - How to add rss to Jekyll Github blog

Learning how to an rss feed for jekyll-github-page site
[10 February 2021]

Learning Google Analytics - How I set up google analytics for this blog

Learning how to setup google analytics for a jekyll-github-page site
[12 January 2021]

Guiding Principles - Do not use test setups

Guiding principles for test setups in unit testing
[11 January 2021]

Learning Firebase - Basic Google Sign-in Application

Learning how to connect an Android app to firebase
[13 October 2020]

Jekyll Theme Migration

Learning how to migrate Jekyll Primer theme to Hyde theme
[02 October 2020]

Learning Docker - Smashtest in docker

Learning how to set up docker containers using smashtest as the example application
[14 April 2020]

Smashtest: Command-line options mapped to smashtest.json

smashtest.json specifications
[10 April 2020]

WSL 1, Docker Desktop & Microsoft Terminal Installation

Setting up WSL 1
[07 April 2020]

Guiding principles - Git Commit Messages

Guiding principles for Git commit messages
[16 August 2019]

Smashtest: Setting Local Storage

Smashtest code snippet for local storage setup
[10 August 2019]

KeePass: Installation & Setup

KeePass setup
[10 August 2019]

Pi-hole Setup

Pi-Hole Setup
[24 July 2019]

Guiding principles - Code Comments

Guiding principles for code comments
[08 April 2019]